Chris Berry

In 2009 we honored  Chris Berry and supported his daughter, Nicole Berry. Chris Berry knew early on what a cancer diagnosis meant to a family. Just two months after he was born his father died of cancer. But great joy would follow. He met his wife Nancy in high school and they married in 1989 and had three children: Lauren, Nicole and Matthew. The family had relationships in the St. John’s community. In 2000 Chris was diagnosed with soft tissue cancer. He would battle two other cancers before his death in 2008, all while working and helping to raise his family. He loved football, photography, riding motorcycles, working in his garage and taking family vacations. His wife and children remember his great sense of humor and optimistic attitude even through his treatment. During Chris’ illness his daughter Nicole was diagnosed with cancer while in high school and underwent treatment while her dad was in the hospital. She remains in remission and is a student at Temple.

At the event St. John’s 8th graders began giving speeches of what they have learned from the event and or their experience with cancer. A total of $28,000 was raised by the event that year.